Audio Gourmet Netlabel

Hi, and welcome to the Audio Gourmet Netlabel. I'm Harry Towell, and for the last couple of years I have run the Audio Gourmet blog - posting reviews, mixtapes, releases and general ramblings about the music I am particularly fond of. This has of course varied over that timeframe but largely focuses around the ambient/modern classical/drone/electro-acoustic movements. Also, I myself have produced music for both netlabels and limited edition CD labels under the guises Spheruleus, Audio Gourmet and Eyes Flutter Beneath. I have long toyed with the idea of setting up a netlabel or label of some form and it is a direction I've always seen myself heading towards as my fondness for music intensifies with time. So, with the help of Jonathan Lees from Hibernate Recordings I have set up this website and a netlabel page on and Bandcamp to showcase a collection of music released for free under the Creative Commons license. This netlabel collection is conceptually based around mini albums, E.Ps and short pieces of sound-art that serve to exact the timespan of a standard tea break. (This in compliance with British employment law, is 15 minutes - at least, so I believe...) On your average work tea break, this mere fifteen minutes is obviously not enough to listen to an album in full and thus this netlabel concept was born: "A netlabel to showcase a collection of short albums and E.Ps that can be listened to in full during a standard working tea-break." Over the forthcoming months, years, decades or however long I decide to run with the project, I hope to bring you some fine audio from a selection of top artists new and familiar.