Audio Gourmet Netlabel

Audio Gourmet Netlabel Music/Submission Policy

What we want:
Music that either fit somewhere under the following genres:
Ambient, Soundscapes, Drone, Sound Design, Electro-Acoustic, Acoustic, Modern Classical, Tape/Loop manipulations, Acoustic Gloom, Avant-Garde Minimalism, Musique Concrete, Field Recordings, Phonography, Experimental/Ambient Jazz, Experimental/Abstract Folk, Glitch (Ambient Based)

What we don't want:
Dance or IDM music, Anything with a beat arrangement - percussion and drum sections to be loose and undefined. This doesn't necessarily mean I am against these styles of music - it's just not the direction I want the label to go down I'm afraid.


If you have anything to send for consideration, email me at audiogourmet at gmail dot com

I'll take a listen and get back to you either way. There may be a wait as we start to build a release schedule, but I should be able to get albums out pretty quickly as they will of course be short and quick to upload